The obvious first step in any skin care routine, cleansing the skin is important to remove oils, dirt, debris, and makeup from the skin. How you cleanse the skin can have a profound effect on how your skin reacts and agrees with the next step in your routine. I have several cleansers on my counter at all times and I pick and choose depending on how my skin feels. I like using more active cleansers in the morning and a gentle cleanser at night when I layer on all my active serums and creams. I am a believer in letting the ingredients in the cleanser do the work and not scrubbing the skin when we cleanse. Too much mechanical exfoliation can break down the skin barrier and lead to irritation, making the next steps nearly impossible to tolerate. Over cleansing is bad too-it can disrupt and imbalance the skin’s microbiome. To replenish your skin’s microbiome, check out the BAK probiotic cleanser.