The obvious first step in any skin care routine, cleansing the skin is important to remove oils, dirt, debris, and makeup from the skin. How you cleanse the skin can have a profound effect on how your skin reacts and agrees with the next step in your routine. For instance, for most of us, it’s important not to scrub the skin—I prefer to let the active ingredients in the cleanser do its work. Cleansers are dynamic as well. If you’re feeling dry, or when you’re going to use a more active product like a retinoid or glycolic acid, choose a more gentle cleanser. As your skin starts to tolerate your entire regimen with ease, then add a more active cleanser, like the Perfect Scrub a few times a week. For more oily patients, you may able to use a more active cleanser—like a glycolic cleanser or a scrub—right from the start, or you may benefit from a medicated cleanser.

I’ve learned that cleansers are a very personal thing, and that patients want to love their cleanser. I think you will love these. Give them a try!